Sarasota Chalk Festival 2013

Poster to promote and commemorate the 2013 Sarasota Chalk Festival.

I respect, support, and (on a case-by-case basis) admire
the service members to whom the 2013 Chalk Fesitival
theme was dedicated. I also believe that no profession,
organization or class has a monopoly on any
Legacy of Valor. 
Conceptually and philosophically,
this was one of the more difficult projects I’ve done.
Admittedly, the heart is a bit cliché and vague as a representation.
Furthermore, a disembodied heart can be off-putting as a mascot.
That’s two strikes against, right there. 
But, like any demonstration of valor, 
a human heart
has no gender, no race, no nationality,
no occupation, no politics 
and no religion.

In the end, that was the
determining factor.
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