36 Characters in 30 Days

Started November 25 and ended December 25, 2015. All characters are complete vector format made. Some some were made from sketches first, but most were rendered directly in Adobe Illustrator. Final renderings of all characters were done entirely in vector format making use of Illustrator effects, stroke width builder and symbol sprayer.

All characters were rendered completely in Adobe Illustrator CC 2014. I made extensive used of effects, stroke width builder, symbol sprayer, pattern brushes, and gradients throughout the series. Some of them look drastically different in outline mode compared to the full preview version. Especially the C, Q and 0 (zero).
For A through T, I built the letterforms directly on the artboard in Illustrator with no preparation other than a basic concept for each letterform. After the first 20 characters, it got tricky to come up with ideas without sketching something first and looking to outside inspiration or just letting my mind wander with a pen in my hand.
The B was the first letter I drew It took a full day by itself. The 9 was the last character and it took about 6 hours (On Christmas day). Aside from that each character took somewhere between 2 to 4 hours each. The 3 was the fastest, taking only 90 minutes from blank page to completed character. I wish they could all come together that quickly.
Process images to come...
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